Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 7/9

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A devilishly enchanting smile appeared on Zi You’s face again. She mocked, “Who will be the judge? You are a gongzhu. Who would dare to judge that you lost? So, for fairness, let the judge be animals. When playing chess, a game is obviously won or lost. No one can deny the results. When playing the zither, let’s see who can entice the birds over. The person who attracts the most birds over wins. When it comes to calligraphy and painting, chrysanthem in autumn will obviously be the subject. Whoever can bring butterflies over will be the winner. The same with song and dance. Whoever can have the birds singing and butterflies dancing, Mu Zi You is willing to be at her disposal.”

Zi You wanted to try out her spiritual power. She wanted to see if she could use it with a change of environment and in front of people. She sang and danced in her own Hundred Herb Garden. If she used spiritual power, she could attract some little birds and butterflies.

Shangguan LingRan jumped out again. He revealed a devilishly charming smile. “This is a good idea. Or you would say my fourth meimei is cheating if she wins.”

Shangguan Lingluo looked at Shagguan LingRan. She almost spat out blood in anger. Good my a*s! Who actually has the ability to attract birds and butterflies? Wouldn’t that be an immortal? What was this cheap yatou thinking? She actually came up with such a terrible idea? Bengong doesn’t believe that you have this ability. Aren’t you just trying to scare me?

Shangguan Lingluo was both alarmed and filled with hatred. Her gaze at Taizi was filled with pleading. Taizi gege, you must not agree to this cheap yatou’s proposal!

Taizi’s eyes became deep. He looked at Shangguan Lingluo and then at Zi You. The latter smiled dazzlingly at him. Suddenly, it was like jade snow thawing.

When this cold girl smiled, it was actually so soul-sucking. Taizi’s heart suddenly stopped for a beat and then uncontrollably jumped.

This strange feeling made Taizi’s face turn red. He took a deep breath and calmly smiled. “This Taizi has only heard that people have this ability and never seen it. Mu Xiaojie has aroused this Taizi’s curiosity. Okay then. This Taizi wants to see whether you or fourth meimei can attract flying birds and butterflies.”


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