Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 6/9

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Zi You looked at Taizi. He was wearing a bright yellow long robe, with a golden dragon and blue pattern. His black hair was gathered in a gold-inlaid crown. His slender body stood straight. His handsome face revealed his inherent nobility and elegance. Although he was not as heaven-defying as that dandy, he could still be considered a handsome man.

Taizi saw her look over. He slightly smiled and nodded.

Zi You was beautiful but cold as ice. She waved her hand. Then she took off a hairpin from her hair. Her face didn’t change as she directed it towards her fingertips. She didn’t even frown.

Blood gushed out from her finger. She wrote flowingly on the satin. Then she had ShiYun hand it to the Taizi.

Taizi took a look and was secretly startled. The little yatou’s writing was like geese flying. Her bold and vigorous calligraphy concealed a strong sense of character. It would not lose out to most men.

Shangguan Lingluo completely did not expect that a dignified gongzhu, because of a cheap mouth, would be embarrassed and put on the spot by an official’s daughter.

Even if she won the competition, Mu Zi You would still not be afraid of her. One could think that even if Mu Zi You was defeated trying to defend her mother’s honor, she would be considered honorable in defeat!

But she herself must win and could only win. Otherwise, she need not ever leave the Palace again and have others laugh at her.

Shangguan Lingluo was so angry her liver hurt. Even her face was distorted. She said fiercely, “One round each in zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, and dance. Winner wins three out of five rounds. Help from outsiders and substitutions are not allowed.”

Even till now Shangguan Lingluo didn’t think she was trying to win by luck. Yu Lanxuan told her that Mu Zi You didn’t know anything or have any talents. So there was no need to be afraid of her. Could a dignified gongzhu like her, who practiced and learned these skills since childhood, lose to a vulgar descendant from a military family?


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