Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 5/9

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He picked up Shangguan Lingluo’s right hand. Like magic, he pulled out a gemstone-studded and decorative small knife. He used the dagger to cut Shangguan Lingluo’s right index finger.

The blade was blunt. It went across Shangguan Lingluo’s finger multiple times, causing her to desperately scream and cry in pain before finally drawing blood.

Shangguan LingRan ignored her. As he was squeezing blood out, he said deviously, “Really, fourth meimei? You are a gongzhu and you can’t even compare to a chennu? Isn’t it just two drops of blood? It’s to write down the bet. No matter who lost, she can’t renege. Or are you afraid to lose, fourth meimei? Don’t lose the imperial family’s face! The imperial family cannot afford to lose to that person. Fourth meimei, you have to be brave. Gege will cheer for you. You must not lose to that tigress from a so-called military family.”

Shangguan Lingluo was in so much pain she broke out in a cold sweat. She wanted to break free, but had no way to pull her right arm away from Shangguan LingRan’s grasp. She angrily and loudly scolded, “It’s paining to death! Shangguan LingRan, what’s wrong with you? Writing what blood letter? You idiot!”

Shangguan LingRan completely ignored her. He held her bleeding hand and wrote on his torn-off satin. “I, Shangguan Lingluo, voluntarily compete with Mu Zi You in various forms of talents. If I lose, I will apologize to Mu Zi You. If I win, Mu Zi You is willing to be at the mercy of Fourth Gongzhu.”

After he finished writing, he pressed Shagguang Lingluo’s fingerprints against the satin. Then he threw the satin to Zi You. “Hey! It’s your turn to write now…”

He looked around and finally said to Taizi, “Taizi is here. Since fourth meimei doesn’t want her second brother to bear witness, why don’t Taizi work a bit and bear witness?”

He devilishly and charmingly smiled at Taizi Shangguan Pengxuan. “I wonder if Taizi gege is willing to shed two drops of blood for Lingluo meimei?”

Taizi was like a gentleman. He calmly and gently smiled. “There’s no problem. Once Mu Xiaojie finishes, this Taizi will bear witness.”


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