Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 4/9

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Shangguan Lingluo shouted, “Let’s compete then! You think Bengong is scared of you? If Bengong wins, you must kneel and crawl like a dog below Bengong’s legs.”

The original charming little guniang, due to her ferocious face and hands on her hips, was uglier than even a market shrew.

Zi You lazily and confidently smiled. “Okay, if Chennu loses, Chennu will be at the disposal of Gongzhu. If Chennu wins, Gongzhu must keep her word and apologize to Chennu publicly. Which gongzi or xiaojie here is willing to bear witness?”

Her beautiful dark purple eyes blinked. Her charming smile on her charming face was like a gleaming reflection of the sun, capable of hooking someone’s soul.

Zhao HongXiang was also here. He was scared into a cold sweat by Zi You’s words. When she looked over, he quickly lowered his head. Then he hid behind the back of the person who came with him: Ministry of Works official’s son, Wu Simao.

Zi You saw him. She secretly scolded, “Coward!”

Second Wangzi in his wheelchair gloomily said, “I’ll be the witness.”

Shangguan Lingluo saw that even the damned cripple was willing to bear witness for Mu Zi You. Her anger burst forward and she scolded, “Mind your own business, damned cripple!”

Zi You coldly ridiculed, “A paralyzed body is nothing to be afraid of. The scariest thing is a twisted soul. A paralysis of the brain is more frightening than paralysis of the body.”

Shangguan LingRan revealed a charmingly evil smile. He went to the middle of the garden and lazily said, “Mu Zi You, don’t be too aggressive. Compete then. A verbal agreement means nothing. Let’s put it down on paper. This Shizi has…”

He tore and pulled and with difficulty obtained a piece of cloth from his silvery white brocade robe. He went in front of Shangguan Lingluo. He lazily and evilly laughed. “Fourth meimei, quickly write the bet down. If she wants to renege, she won’t be able to.”


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