Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89.3

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His mother was one of the four feis [consorts], De Fei. She was very beautiful and very favored by the Emperor.

Loving the house meant loving the crow inside the house. Therefore, the Emperor also loved the Second Wangzi born from De Fei.

De Fei’s father was the Chief Left Imperial Censor: Lu Wenzhi. Imperial Censor Lu was upstanding, honest, and very loyal to the Emperor. The Emperor also thought highly of him.

When De Fei was pregnant, she was repeatedly poisoned. She gave birth to Second Wangzi with great difficulties.

When Second Wangzi was born, he was a healthy child. But when he was twelve years old and hunting with the Emperor, his horse was startled. He fell off the horse, injured his lumbar vertebra, and became a paraplegic.

The Emperor executed the people who managed the horse. But the real mastermind was still not found.

Second Wangzi was originally a sunny, cheerful boy, very clever and cute. But after the accident, he gradually became silent and gloomy. His temper was peevish and violent.

He did not socialize with anyone. If he was slightly unhappy, he would beat and kill servants. He gradually lost his Fuwang’s love.

Unless there was a major festival or banquet, he would never show up.

He was only here today because Duke Anguo fu was the Empress Dowager’s maiden family.

And the Empress Dowager was the only one besides his mother and grandfather Imperial Censor Lu who cares about him.

Zi You’s words made him very satisfied. It was because Shangguan Lingluo never put him, her brother, in her eyes. She always secretly called him “damned rubbish.”

He clenched his fists tightly. He hoped that Zi You would win against and make a fool out of Shangguan Lingluo.

Fourth Gongzhu was angered until she almost fainted. Since childhood, no matter who she insulted, no one had ever embarrassed her in public.

She was not afraid of competing, but being forced to compete made her extremely displeased.

If she competed, she lost face. If she didn’t compete, she lost even more face. If she lost, her face would be thrown!

Looking at the current situation, if she didn’t compete, Mu Zi You would certainly not spare her. Only if she competed and won would she regain her dignity.


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