Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89.2

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With Zi You’s words, the gongzis and xiaojies in the garden looked stunned.

The cold pride and unyielding spirit her tiny body emitted made everyone feel respect.

In this moment, everyone forgot that Zi You was only a twelve-year-old girl. In this moment, she was like a bright star in a dark sky: shiny and dazzling. No one counld touch her.

Even Shangguan LingRan felt that his hard-as-iron heart cracked a little bit. The sound of the crack was so soft that only he heard it.

What an upright girl! He originally thought she only knew how to sneakily trick people. He didn’t think that in the face of authority, she would have a man’s unshakeable spirit.

Taizi, Third Wangzi, and Second Wangzi were also impressed.

Taizi and Third Wangzi were especially affected. If they were slightly stunned by Zi You’s outstanding appearance, then at this moment, their interest in Zi You was not only for her appearance.

It was difficult for such a woman to not be noticed and not impress. After all, she was not afraid of imperial authority and death. Not to mention women, but there were few men who were like this.

Regarding Second Wangzi, this was Zi You’s first time seeing him. He was more handsome than Taizi and Third Wangzi. But it was a pity that he was in a wheelchair. He was crippled.

So when Zi You first came in, her eyes swept over him once. They did not contain contempt, sympathy, or pity, but a trace of breathtaking beauty.

This glance made Second Wangzi Shangguan Boyu deeply remember her.

Speaking of which, Second Wangzi Shangguan Boyu was quite pitiful.


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