Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89.1 Don’t Think That She Would Lower Her Noble Head! [2]

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Yu Lanxuan smiled complacently to herself. Her small awl-like face looked at Zi You full of worry. She begged softly, “Don’t, jiejie! Apologize to Gongzhu. It will be unlucky for you to anger her.”

Zi You looked at her mockingly. She coldly said, “How did your mother raise such a cowardly and unfilial daughter like you? Your mother is insulted and you apologize to her? Hah!”

Zi You then went from the pavilion to stand in front of Shangguan Lingluo. She clearly enunciated, “So what if it’s a gongzhu? A gongzhu can casually insult someone’s mother for no reason? Mu Zi You may be an official’s daughter with no title and no power but Mu Zi You will not let her mother be insulted and cower under someone’s authority. A gentleman can be killed, but not dishonored! Although Mu Zi You may not have 1/10,000th of her mother’s talents, but if she cowardly retreats today, then she is descended from a military family in vain. Fourth Gongzhu, what do you want to compete in? Bring it on. If I, Mu Zi You, flinch even a tiny bit, then I am a coward!”

Dignity must be defended and her mother should be not insulted! The person in front of her was a gongzhu but even if it was the Emperor, Zi You would not be fearful and cowardly.

As a descendant of a military family, if she wasn’t brave, then could she be counted as a solder’s daughter? On the battlefield in the future, she would only be a cowardly deserter.

Her previous life’s tolerance and weakness were exchanged for betrayal and humiliation. 

In this lifetime, no one should think that she would lower her noble head!


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