Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 33 Purchasing People [5], Part 2

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The thirteen-year-old, tall, dark-skinned, aloof teenager was the brother of the first girl who begged Zi You.

The little girl saw her brother and immediately rushed towards his chest, crying heartbreakingly.

The other three girls found their brothers, held hands and wept, while asking after each others’ well-being.

Zi You’s four first-ranked maidservants all wept sympathetic tears seeing this scene.

Although Zi You’s heart was also feeling sorrow, her appearance was always cold. She looked in the distance as if the things happening in front of her had nothing to do with her.

After ten minutes or so, she gave the slave dealer 360 silvers. She told her maidservants and Fang Dasheng, “Hire two big carriages. Take them to the market, let them eat, bathe, and wear clean clothes before taking them home.”

“Yes.” Fang Dasheng was General Mu’s exclusive carriage driver, loyal and knew martial arts. Because Zi You did not want guards or soldiers to follow, Old General Mu was worried she would suffer. He allowed his own carriage driver to follow this trip.

Since Laoye told him not to do anything until the critical juncture, he would just not care about anything and listen to Xiaojie. The two carriages were hired and the forty-nine slaves were brought away.

Back in the market, ShiYun and HaiYun went to buy clothing. MoYun and ShuiYun went to contact a restaurant. Fang Dasheng went to contact the bathhouse.

Half an hour later, three sets of people returned. MoYun and ShuiYun booked a small restaurant. Fang Dasheng booked a bathhouse.

Zi You ordered the slaves to the restaurant first. Everyone had one bowl of congee, two small dishes and a small mantou [steamed bread].


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