Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 33 Purchasing People [5], Part 1

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The slave dealers were used to such scenes of loud crying and shouting.

Zi You’s heart clenched. She scolded herself. Didn’t she say she would never be softhearted again? Why was her old disease rearing its head again?

This world had too many people pitiful people. Could she afford to be sympathetic?

Moreover, those pitiful people must have hateful points. In her previous life, didn’t she pity Yu LanXuan for being born a Shu [concubine-born] daughter and being bullied by her Di [legitimate wife-born] siblings? Then she [Zi You] led the wolf into her house?

Zi You hardened her heart and was about to conclude the transaction. But the little girl who begged her fiercely glared at her and scolded, “I’m not going with you. Even if I die, I will die with my big brother. You’re so cruel. You want to separate us.”

Looking at the little girl’s determined face, Zi You was momentarily stunned. In her past life, when she learned her grandfather and uncle died of illness in Nanjiang, her heart was filled with pain, the kind of pain where she hated she couldn’t follow them in death. Zi You’s hard-like-iron heart collapsed a little.

She stopped the slave dealer who was about to hit the little girl and heavily said, “Bring her brothers over.”

“Okay, okay.” The slave dealer gladly ran off.

Four girls, including the one who called Zi You cruel, rushed towards Zi You and kowtowed. “Thank you, benefactor! Thank you, benefactor! This slave is willing to do anything for benefactor Xiaojie, be it being a cow or horse.”

Although Zi You appeared cold, her mood was pleasant. It wasn’t for the little girl’s gratitude, but that in such a precarious situation, there was still real love and emotion.

The four girls’ brothers came. They were ten and twelve and two were thirteen years of age.


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