Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 32 Purchasing People [4], Part 1

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She came to the slave market today to buy forty to fifty eight- to twelve-year-old girls. She would then teach them martial arts and medicine and give them to grandfather and uncle to be their assistants.

Zi You couldn’t believe that she couldn’t do the things her mother could. It was a matter of effort. As long as she had determination, she could achieve her wish.

When grandfather learned of her ambition, he once asked, “What girl would want to study medicine? Even if she is willing to learn, who is willing to expose herself in public and mix together with men on the battlefield? She would ruin her reputation and can’t get married in her lifetime. Your mother was not like the average woman. She is a descendant of a goddess. But even so, Great Yan’s noble furens [Mrs., Married madams] looked down on her, much less average girls.”

She was furious thinking of her grandfather’s words. She didn’t know why females couldn’t go on the battlefield and kill enemies and save people. On the battlefield, why must they mix together with men?

 If their souls were pure and clean, then why would they perform illicit activities? In the past, Yongnan Marquis and Yu LanXuan weren’t on the battlefield, but weren’t they illicitly together?

It was clear that doing immoral things didn’t depend on the location or environment. You can watch some people closely, but their dirty thoughts and souls would still be revealed.

Musing over her grandfather’s words, Zi You thought he was correct on one point. Finding forty or fifty females to learn medicine and martial arts through normal channels was impossible.

She could only use abnormal ways to find people. Female slaves from the slave market were the most suitable.

After two hours, Zi You took out the pocket watch her uncle gave her. The time was close to wei shi [1-3 pm]. Not bad. Her efforts were not in vain. She finally picked out forty-five girls.


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