Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 31 Purchasing People [3] Part 2

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A thirty-seven or thirty-eight-year-old man was selling these female slaves.

Seeing Zi You wearing Great Yan’s most expensive rainbow-colored brocade dress and a veil, even if he couldn’t see below her eyes, that pair of crystal clear, deep amethyst eyes, deeper than clear springs, along with her calm and collected demeanor all left a deep impression on him.

He unconsciously stared at Zi You, astonished. What beautiful eyes. Just looking at them was enough to hook your soul away. If her whole face was seen, what kind of heart-stopping beauty would be revealed?

It seemed that she wasn’t old, not yet an adult. But she already had such extraordinary grace and charm. This xiaojie was not simple.

Even grown men here would be shocked, but this little xiaojie didn’t even wrinkle her eyebrows.

How could this slave dealer know that Zi You had been reborn?

After her previous life’s extremely brutal and tragic experiences, Zi You’s heart was a pool of stagnant water, difficult to stir up any waves.

The fates of the people here were tragic. But were they as tragic as her previous life? The dignified General’s legitimate granddaughter ended up being murdered by her husband and best friend.

Looking at Zi You’s elegance, the slave dealer presumed she was of nobility. The rainbow-colored brocade was a foreign tribute. Only royalty and the families of those high-ranking officials were allowed to wear it.

The slave dealer saw that Zi You was busily looking and not minding the slaves being filthy, letting them stand up and walk to and fro in front of her. Consequently, he couldn’t help himself and said with a flattering smile, “These slaves are not bad. They were originally officials’ families’ xiaojies. After a few years, they would definitely become good helpers for Xiaojie.”

Zi You ignored him. She carefully examined the slaves’ bone structure. She wanted female warriors who could fight on the battlefield, not average maidservants.


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