Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 231 Slag Father Is Utterly Isolated, The Adulterer Dies With Grievances Part 1/3

Who knew who the real master was of such a shrewd servant? Zi You didn’t say anything and just sent a small spirit mouse to monitor her.

After the midwife and female official came, Wang Yiping was sent back to Yiping Ju, but all of her previous servants were changed. Her three or four confidants were captured by Zi You, and fed the Worriless Pill, and sold by Nee Liu.

Yueluo was also imprisoned in Hundred Herb Garden and Yang Qingjun died.

Speaking of which, he was really infatuated. But since he was infatuated with a woman like Wang Yiping, he was doomed to end up in tragedy.

When Wang Yiping was imprisoned by Zi You in Hundred Herb Garden, he actually wanted to save her and elope with her.

Zi You had heard it from the spirit mice that someone was trying to break into the array. Zi You had opened the array and let him in.

So, the adulterer had smoothly met up with Wang Yiping. He saw his lover and hugged her. He cried out, “Ping’er, how did this happen? That cheap little wench Mu Zi You! You’re her stepmother. How dare she do this to you? Let’s go. I’m taking you and leaving. I saved some money over the years. It’s enough for us to live the rest of our lives. Don’t worry. I won’t slight you and our child.”

Wang Yiping had told him. “Qingjun, I’m pregnant with our child.”

So, this fool still thought that Wang Yiping’s child was his.

Wang Yiping saw that it was Yang Qingjun who came to save her. Although she had never loved him and had been constantly using him, at this moment, she was like a drowining person clutching onto a lifesaving straw.

Even if she didn’t have any strength, she still exhausted all of her energy to move her hands and gasped, “Okay. I…… didn’t choose wrong……. Take me away…… I’m willing…… to be your woman.”

The two of them didn’t expect that Zi You had known about what Yang Qingjun was doing, so she brought Mu YingRui over to watch his most trusted confidant and his beloved wife staging this “love and death” play.

Mu YingRui was so angry that he almost spat out blood. Zi You could even hear Mu YingRui gnashing his teeth. But Zi You was afraid that she hadn’t angered him enough, so she whispered into his ear, “Do you know when they had an affair? It was when you and Liu Yanhong were discussing how to frame me. Do you think this is retribution?”

Mu YingRui looked incredulously at Zi You. He saw intense hatred in her cold eyes. He was not only shocked, but he was angry as he asked, “I’m your father! How can you do this to me?”

“Father?” Zi You constantly sneered. “You also remember that you’re my father. When your little wife was going to poison me, did you ever think that you’re my father? When you and your little wife conspired to scheme against and punish me, did you ever think that you’re my father?

“Other people’s fathers dote and pamper their daughters and shield their daughters from the wind and rain. Let me ask you. What have you done for me? Let me tell you. Other than you harming me, it’s still you still harming me! 

“I’m human too. I also have feelings. When you harmed me again and again, have you ever thought about whether I can bear it? When you look at these two people, it hurts, right? But have you ever thought about how much pain I would be in when you hurt me again and again?”

Zi You finally roared. Yes…… How could it not hurt? This was the father who gave her life. His blood flowed in her body. He was a close relative of hers, but……


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