Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 218 Part 3/3

Second Wangzi grew anxious. He pushed his wheelchair over to the horse. He chastised the groom in displeasure, “Why did you bring this Wangzi’s horse here? What’s wrong with it?”

The palace servant quickly explained, “Replying to Second Wangzi, Nucai wanted to find a pregnant mare, but the Imperial Stables’ manager said that your Baiyun refused to eat for two days now. The veterinarians couldn’t tell what’s wrong with it. They heard why Nucai was there and knew that Mu Xiaojie has the ability to see through solid objects, so they told Nucai to bring Baiyun here.”

The groom quickly bowed and said anxiously, “Yes, Second Wangzi. The veterinarians can’t tell what disease the horse has. So…… So……” He looked fearfully at Zi You and lowered his head.

Although Second Wangzi was paralyzed, he had always cared about his horse. This was the foal of the horse that threw him off and made him paralyzed. That horse was regarded as the culprit and was sentenced to death.

But Second Wangzi later suspected that his horse was startled because of Taizi. So, he had been particularly distressed over this little horse that didn’t have a mother. It finally grew up with difficulty. Of course Second Wangzi was anxious when he heard that this horse was ill.

He looked pleadingly at Zi You. Others might now know Zi You’s ability, but he was very clear. He certainly believed that Zi You could diagnose what disease his horse had and cure it.

Zi You went over to the horse and used her spiritual power again. She looked carefully and said to Second Wangzi, “Call a veterinarian over. There is a wire stuck in the horse’s rectum. It must hurt when the horse excretes, so the horse doesn’t want to eat. The wire isn’t in very deep. The veterinarian should be able to stick his hand in and extract it out. Call the veterinarian over and I can tell him exactly where the wire is.”

Second Wangzi immediately said to the palace servant, “Hurry and call a veterinarian over!”

The palace servant ran off to do it.

Zi You then looked at the cat and dog. She said to the Empress and the Empress Dowager, “The cat is pregnant with five kittens: two females and three males. The dog is pregnant with four puppies: two males and two females.”

Wu Jieyu immediately said coyly to the Emperor, “Emperor, when the veterinarian gets here, tell him to cut open the cat and dog’s stomachs to see if she’s right……”

Wu Jieyu then looked at Zi You and sneered ferociously. “Mu Xiaojie, if you’re wrong, do you know what crime you committed……”

“Get out of the way, Emperor!” Wu Jieyu didn’t finished speaking before Zi You shouted in shock. She pointed to Wu Jieyu and shouted, “Emperor, Wu Jieyu is a snake demon.”

Everyone was shocked! Wu Jieyu was originally not qualified to sit next to the Emperor. The Empress should have sat next to him. But Wu Jieyu was sent to the Emperor by Taizi and the Empress, so of course the Empress wouldn’t compete with her.

Not only did she not compete with her, but the Empress would look virtuous and generous every time. If Wu Jieyu sat next to the Emperor, not only could she fill his ears with nonsense, but the Emperor would also praise, “The Empress is really understanding.”

So, the Empress Dowager sat to the left of the Emperor today. Wu Jieyu sat on his right. The Empress sat to the right of her.

With Zi You’s shout, the Emperor and the Empress both jumped up in shock. The officials in the palace hall were also shocked and they looked at Wu Jieyu.

Wu Jieyu was not really a snake demon, so she was naturally angry when she heard Zi You’s shout. She started to scold Zi You, “You’re the snake demon. You’re a demoness speaking nonsense. How dare you slander Bengong? Bengong……”

“Ah! She’s really a snake!” Before she finished speaking, everyone started screaming……


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