Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 218 Part 2/3

Just as everyong was talking, Shangguan LingRan suddenly shouted, “Imperial grandmother, imperial uncle, it’s very simple. If Mu furen suspects that Mu Xiaojie is wrong and she is deliberately harming her child, just bring some animals over. Let Mu Xiaojie examine them and we will verify it on the spot. Then won’t we know if what she said is accurate or not?”

 “Someone, come……” The Empress Dowager didn’t wait for the Emperor to say anything and shouted, “Bring a few cats and dogs over. It’s best if they’re pregnant.”

The Empress Dowager’s eyes flashed. She was secretly angry at Wang Yiping. She had heard about Nee Liu’s matter more or less from Shangguan LingRan. It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t angry.

No matter what, Nee Liu was her cousin’s daughter. Although she was from a side branch, it wasn’t up to Wang Yiping, a stepmother without a title, to bully her.

The Empress Dowager knew that the Empress was fanning the flames from behind. She wanted to intervene, but Shangguan LingRan had stopped her.

He had privately told her, “Imperial grandmother, you should pretend that you don’t know anything. Don’t fight with that cunning Empress. She has a shaman around her. I’m afraid that she will target you.”

So in the two years since Zi You had been taken away by her Shifu, the Empress Dowager had listened to her grandson’s orders and pretended to be ill. She hadn’t interfered in the harem or the government.

But this morning, her grandson had laughed happily and told her, “Imperial grandmother, it’s great. You’er is back. You and grandfather don’t need to pretend to be ill anymore.”

Even the old Prime Minister hadn’t interfered in anything. He wouldn’t go to court every two or three days. The Empress Dowager had worried every day that something was going to happen.

That was because her Emperor son and the Empress had done some things and made her angrier and angrier. But her grandson hadn’t let her interfere, so she had listened to him.

She didn’t dare to make guarantees on anything else, but she absolutely dared to guarantee that her grandson Shangguan LingRan treated her sincerely.

A sharp light flashed in the Empress’ eyes when she saw how the Empress Dowager acted. She secretly gritted her teeth and scolded, ‘This old fool! She was a lot honest due to Darong Ka’s nightmare spell making her ill. Why did Darong Ka die, but she’s now making moves again? I knew this was going to happen, I should have told Darong Ka to kill her!’

The Empress didn’t know that Zi You feared that Darong Ka would make trouble, so she had long told Shangguan LingRan the way to get rid of the nightmare spell.

Before Shangguan LingRan left for India, he had taught his martial nephews the technique. So, the Empress Dowager and the old Prime Minister were safe and sound even after Darong Ka had cast the nightmare spell on them due to Zi You’s technique.

It was just that they had both been pretending in order to avoid detection by the Empress and Taizi.

The palace servant responded and left. The Empress Dowager pulled Zi You over to sit next to her and asked her this and that.

The palace servant came back after thirty minutes. He brought a cat, a dog, and a white horse with its groom.

The cat and dog were indeed pregnant, but that white horse looked lifeless.


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