Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 208 Part 3/3

Wang Yiping and Mu YingRui saw little Qingyuan come back to life after he had been sentenced to death by the imperial doctors yesterday. They couldn’t help but be shocked and angry.

They looked at each other. Mu YingRui immediately pretended to complain and say guiltily, “Why did you have to do this, sister-in-law? No one wanted Yuan’er to pay with his life for Hui’er. I told you not to punish him. I told you not to punish him. But you didn’t listen and had to lock him up in the ancestral hall. As a result – Look. Yuan’er almost lost his life. How can I live with myself?”

Nee Liu looked at the hyopocritical Mu YingRui. She was originally on the verge of collapse because of her younger son’s death. She was very excited that her son was okay, but she was angered by Mu YingRui now. She sprayed out a mouthful of blood and collapsed straight down. Fortunately, Mu YingYi had been next to her. He quickly reached out and supported her.

Zi You instantly put little Qingyuan on the bed. She pressed down on Nee Liu’s philtrum and Nee Liu woke up.

She rushed over and hugged little Qingyuan and cried bitterly again.

Wang Yiping immediately pretended to rub her eyes sadly. She said sorrowfully, “Ai…… Our General’s Manor has had bad luck lately. First, the news that father and brother-in-law passed away came from Nanjiang. Then Yuan’er somehow pushed Hui’er, whom Shui Yiniang had given birth to, into the lotus pond and Hui’er died.

“Shui Yiniang was too sad and turned crazy. Laoye was angry and sad and said some words. Sister-in-law then beat Yuan’er and locked him up in the ancestral hall. He had a high fever that night and became unconscious. The imperial doctor came and said that he wouldn’t survive past tonight. I didn’t expect that he will wake up again. Amitabha, Buddha! This is great! Otherwise, Laoye will feel gulty to death.”

“If I remember correctly, Hui’er is only two years old, right?” Zi You looked deeply at Mu YingRui and Wang Yiping.

Then she lowered her head and asked little Qingyuan softly, “Tell me, Yuan’er, how did you meet Hui’er by the lotus pond?”

She didnt ask little Qingyuan “Why did you push Hui’er into the lotus pond?” This made little Qingyuan get the courage to explain himself.

Since Hui’er fell into the lotus pond, everyone had asked him, “Why did you push Hui’er into the lotus pond?”

He clearly didn’t push him. Hui’er slipped and fell into the lotus pond. But why did everyone not believe him? Even his mother didn’t believe him. She even beat him and locked him up in the dark ancestral hall.

As a result, he even saw a terrifying, green-faced, and toothless ghost.

“Jiejie, Hui’er…… slipped and fell into the lotus pond.” Little Qingyuan was extremely aggrieved as he sobbed. “I didn’t push him. That day, he was…… He was playing by the lotus pond. He wanted me to pick…… pick lotus seed pods. I said that it was out of reach, so he went…… went towards the lotus pond. I pulled him back, but who knew…… He slipped. I didn’t hold on tight enough and he fell…… down. Then I…… yelled for someone to come save him. But when those people went down…… and rescued him, he was already dead. Jiejie, I didn’t push him. I didn’t…… I didn’t push him. Why doesn’t…… doesn’t anyone believe…… believe me? Wuu……”

“Who was looking after Hui’er at that time?” Zi You absolutely didn’t believe that there were no servants around Hui’er. So, she asked, “There has to be someone looking after a two-year-old child near the lotus pond, right? Aunt Lan, bring the servants who were serving Hui’er over. Also, summon the servants who were serving Yuan’er over……”


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