Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 208 Part 2/3

“Aunt!” Nee Liu heard a voice as beautiful as a nightingale. A woman as beautiful and aloof like Chang’e from the Moon Palace was next to her already.

Nee Liu seemed to be stunned silly. She looked at Zi You and silently let her tears fall, but she couldn’t say a word.

Zi You looked at her and her heart couldn’t help but pain. Nee Liu was haggard, sallow, and extremely thin.

She looked at little Qingyuan in her arms and thought, ‘Not good!’

She didn’t have time to pay attention to Nee Liu. She took little Qingyuan from her and placed him on the bed. She shouted to Aunt Lan, who had just come in, “Take all the servants and Qingheng Shaoye out. Close the door.”

“Yes, Xiaojie.” Aunt Lan took Mu Qingheng and drove all the servants out unceremoniously. “Xiaojie’s orders you all to go outside.”

Zi You’s eyes were vicious. As soon as she came in, she had seen two unfamiliar maidservants with hostile eyes. So, she had issued an eviction order without hesitation.

The two maidservants were unconvinced and protested, “We’re specially sent her to serve Qingyuan Shaoye by First Laoye and First Furen. First Laoye and First Furen said that we can’t leave. Ouch……”

They didn’t finish speaking, when they were each slapped hard by Aunt Lan. Aunt Lan seemed to have a fire in her heart that almost burned her internal organs in these last few days. She could finally vent this fire out today, so of course she wouldn’t let these two maidservants off.

Zi You concentrated her spiritual power on her eyes. She saw how little Qingyuan’s lungs were dark in places. He had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped beating. He had apparently just died from respiratory failure due to severe lung infection.

She didn’t hesitate in the slightest. She raised her palms towards little Qingyuan. A blue beam and a purple beam soon transformed into light waves and covered little Qingyuan’s body.

After a quarter of an hour, Zi You saw the blackened areas in little Qingyuan’s lungs revert back to a normal person’s red color. He was also breathing and his heart was beating again.

After another quarter of an hour, little Qingyuan made a “Wuu” noise and started crying.

This sound was tantamount to heavenly music to Nee Liu, who was about to collapse over the death of her son. And the sound instantly alerted Mu YingYi, who had heard Uncle Jiang and Nee Liu’s maidservants’ reports of little Qingyuan being ill and currently being treated by Zi You. He was now waiting anxiously outside too.

One person pounced over to the bed and one person charged through the door. Mu YingYi also pounced over to the bed and called out, “Yuan!”

Little Qingyuan looked dazedly at his mother and his father. There was obvious resentment and grievance in his heart. He was aggrieved and sad and didn’t want either one of them.

But once he saw Zi You, he reached his arms out and cried out heartbreakingly and gutwrenchingly. “Jiejie, jiejie, wuu……”

Zi You was exceedingly distressed. She bent down and quickly hugged him in her arms.

The little rascal knew that his jiejie really loved him and he cried and gasped in her arms. He was obviously extremely aggrieved.

Zi You’s spiritual power could save people, summon wind and rain, cure illnsesses, see through items, and could kill people. But she didn’t have the ability like her great-grandmother Goddess Mari to know the future and the past.

So, while she was softly coaxing little Qingyuan, she heard “Old General Mu” ask angrily, “Who can tell me what is going on?”


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