Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 166 Taizi is Kicked, Zi You is Rewarded Part 1/6

Taizi crawled out. He pretended to have lost his way because he was drunk. He went to sleep in an artificial cave and was found by a eunuch. He then went to the study in the Emperor’s Chengguang Palace Hall.

He had just walked in and the Emperor kicked him. He lowly reprimanded, “Kneel down! You beast. Say it. What is going on with Lingluo and your secret guard? Don’t tell Zhen that you don’t know who that secret guard is. Zhen gave him to you.”

Taizi pretended to lament and grieve. “Please forgive Erchen, Fuwang. Fourth meimei and Yu Youzhong had an affair a long time ago. Erchen sent Yu Youzhong to her, but how could Erchen know…… know that fourth meimei was co muddleheaded? It was too late when Erchen found out.

“Erchen went to lecture her, but she threatened Erchen with death and wouldn’t let Erchen get rid of Yu Youzhong. Fuwang, Erchen didn’t discipline fourth meimei and fourth meimei’s actions have blackened the imperial family’s name. Erchen is willing to be punished.”

“Then did you know that she sent someone to kill Mu Zi You?” The Emperor angrily slammed his hand down on a table.

Taizi did not admit it. “Erchen doesn’t know about this matter. Erchen likes Zi You, so how can Erchen let fourth meimei send someone to kill her?”

The Emperor’s eyes stared at Taizi, as if he wanted to see his real thoughts on his face.

Taizi was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. But he clenched his teeth, pretended to be calm, and allowed his father to scrutinize him.

The Emperor didn’t perceive anything and slowly sighed. “This time Zhen cannot protect your fourth meimei. Mu Junyuan is not a fool. Lingluo tried to harm Mu Zi You again and again. It would be strange if he has no resentment in his heart.

“The aphrodisiac that Lingluo was drugged with is probably used to harm Mu Zi You. Zhen told someone to check that wine jug. That is the Mandarin Ducks Jug. It can hold wine on two sides. One side was really added with the aphrodisiac Wild Lady. That darned yatou! She couldn’t harm someone, but ended up harming herself. How can Zhen raise such a stupid fool?!”

The Emperor probably felt better after scolding her. “Have her become a nun first to avoid this scandal. Then think of a way to get her out. Change her identity and give her some money to marry to a faraway place.”

 “Yes. Erchen obeys.” Taizi was secretly happy. He had escaped unharmed.

Just as he was about to take his leave, the Emperor suddenly asked, “Didn’t Lingluo call you away? How come you weren’t in her palace?”


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  1. fan63 May 24, 2020 / 9:23 am

    Did Taizi dodge the bullet? Or is he going to be caught by the emperor when he tries to cover up why he was not in his sister’s chamber?

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