Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 166 Part 2/6

Taizi’s cold sweat suddenly flowed out again. He hurriedly explained, “Erchen went, but the drug probably didn’t take affect yet. Fourth meimei only complained that she was hot. Erchen went to call the imperial doctor. Erchen felt dizzy, so Erchen went out. But Erchen was drunk……”

Taizi was guilty. The more he spoke, the softer his voice was. The Emperor thought that Taizi was feeling guilty because he had to send people to search for him everywhere and didn’t think any deeper.

Actually, even if the Emperor thought until his brain exploded, he would never think that his son and daughter were ***.

The Emperor angrily went to reprimand Yu Meilian’s father. “A prominent family’s daughter stays alone with a man and speaks nonsense. How did you teach your daughter? What did she learn from ‘Female Virtues’ and ‘Female Disciplines?’”

Minister of Revenue was scolded until his head ached. His expression was bitter as he pled, “Yes, Chen deserves to die! Please forgive Chen. Chen will strictly disciple Chen’s daughter. But Emperor said it too. Chen’s daughter’s reputation is ruined since she was alone with Shizi Ye. Please bestow Chen’s daughter to An Wang Shizi as his consort, Emperor.”

Hmm? The Emperor’s antenna immediately stood up. You want to ally with An Wang fu? You old man. You’re in control of the country’s gold, silver, and grains. How can Zhen allow you to form an alliance with An Wang fu?

Shangguan LingRan didn’t like your stupid love-struck daughter, so Zhen hadn’t worried before. But now, that dandy is suddenly interested in her. Zhen needs to ponder well.

The Emperor shook his head and said meaningfully, “You know that Zhen treats Shizi as Zhen’s own son. The Empress Dowager also loves him deep into her bones. Zhen needs to discuss his marriage with the Empress Dowager. Wait for the news.”

The Emperor did not go to discuss with the Empress Dowager. He summoned Shangguan LingRan. He pretended to look loving and smiled as he said, “Minister of Revenue, Yu daren, said that you and his daughter, Yu Meilian Xiaojie, are in love with each other. He asked Zhen to grant you a marriage. What do you think?”

Shangguan LingRan pretended to be shy as he rubbed his head. “En…… Chen did used to think that she was a love-struck fool. But now she doesn’t seem that bad. Chen will do whatever imperial uncle says.”

It seemed that Minister of Revenue really did collude with Left Prime Minister and An Wang fu. Shangguan LingRan had been adamant about not marrying this “fish without face” before, but he suddenly changed now. One had to be vigilant.


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  1. fan63 May 24, 2020 / 9:48 am

    I hope that this act of LingRan works to stop the marriage to Yu Meilian. If not what will Ling Ran do?

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