Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 165 Part 2/6

Zi You summarized what the two people had said. She continued, “But Chennu didn’t believe it because Fourth Gongzhu toasted Chennu at the banquet. She said that she wanted to become friends with Chennu. We drank a cup of wine. This is something that everyone saw. Chennu didn’t believe that Fourth Gongzhu would send someone to kill Chennu. So, Chennu wanted to go to Yaohua Palace to ask her if Yu Xiaojie was telling the truth.

“At Yaohua Palace, the palace servants were arrogant. They not only didn’t salute Third Wangzi and Second Gongzhu, but they also blocked Third Wangzi and Second Gongzhu from going inside. Third Wangzi was anxious when he heard that Fourth Gongzhu was seriously ill. He pushed the palace servants aside and charged in. And then we saw……

“No. Chennu covered my eyes immediately and didn’t see anything. But Fourth Gongzhu did look like she was suffering from an aphrodisiac like the man said. Although Chennu has never seen someone with the symptoms, Fourth Gongzhu looked the same as what is depicted in medical books.”

The Emperor angrily slammed his hands down on a table. He looked at Yu Meilian and shouted, “How do you know that Shangguan Lingluo sent assassins to kill Mu Xiaojie? And how did Shangguan Lingluo know that Mu Xiaojie went into the mountains?”

Yu Meilian kowtowed in fright. She didn’t know what to say and could only cry.

Her brother saw this and quickly kowtowed for mercy. “Please have mercy, Emperor. Chen’s sister must be afraid that Shizi Ye will look down on Fourth Gongzhu, so she made up such things.”

Zi You coldly smiled. “Is your sister a fool? How dare she tell such a lie? No matter what, Chennu is still the Emperor’s personally conferred commander of the female medical team. If the lie of Fourth Gongzhu sending someone to kill Chennu is spread out, your sister isn’t afraid of committing the crime to deceive the monarch?”

Zi You’s “crime to deceive the monarch” was spoken and Yu Meilian fainted away. A puddle of water came out of her pants. She apparently lost control of her bowels.

The Emperor was immediately disgusted. He secretly scolded her and Minister Yu a few times. ‘What trash Minister? What trash prominent family’s xiaojie? How did he give birth to such a useless and troublesome thing? If she didn’t say such nonsense, Mu Zi You wouldn’t have gone to find Lingluo and Lingluo’s scandal wouldn’t be exposed. But how did Lingluo ingest the aphrodisiac?’

This scandal was exposed! And so many people had witnessed it. He really couldn’t cover it up. The Emperor really had a headache!


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