Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 130 Taizi’s Sinister Intentions Part 1/5

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Zi You guessed correctly. Taizi found out that De Fei summoned her into the Palace and deliberately went to intercept her.

When Zi You was injured, he went to the General’s Manor and begged Old General Mu to see her. Old General Mu refused. Later on, his marriage proposal was turned down and he was even less likely to see Zi You.

For this reason, he proposed to marry Zi You as cefei to the Emperor. His Fuwang didn’t hesitate for a moment and directly refused him.

Plus, he was especially angry. His words were also extremely harsh, “What? You already have two cefeis, but now you want to add another cefei? Mu Zi You, Old General Mu’s precious granddaughter? Haha…… Your appetite is not small. Tell Zhen which other official’s daughter you want to marry. You want to seize political and military power already?”

At that time, Taizi was scared into breaking out in a cold sweat. He repeatedly kowtowed. “Fuwang, Erchen doesn’t dare. Erchen really just admires You’er’s talent. Also, towards Erchen, You’er is…… Erchen begs Fuwang for your grace!”

“Scram.” The Emperor’s face turned livid at his words.

His expression was as if he just caught his consort in an adulterous situation and was splendidly cuckolded.

That expression seemed as if he wanted to kill someone.

Taizi ran away in fear to the Empress’. He told this matter to the Empress and she not only did not sympathize with him and tried to come up with a plan for him, but she fiercely slapped him. “Who let you go to your Fuwang to propose marrying Mu Zi You as cefei? You don’t want to be Taizi anymore? Or do you think that your life is too long and don’t want to live anymore?

“Your Fuwang is originally suspicious. He doesn’t even trust his own biological brother. Who is Old General Mu? He is a spear that is used against your imperial uncle. Now, you actually dare to covet his spear. Are you not afraid that you will lose your life?”


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