Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 130 Part 3/5

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If Zi You had the same ability as her mother and she became his woman, would Taizi worry about not obtaining the throne?

Thus, Taizi held a determination to obtain Zi You. For this, he had begged the Empress to summon Zi You into the Palace, but the Empress vehemently refused. “You have not ascertained that she has the same power as her mother. Even if she does, do you think it’s worth it to offend your Fuwang for her? I guess that your Fuwang wants to make her a consort. That way, he can tightly control Old General Mu.”

Taizi heard that his old father wanted to be an old bull eating tender grass and was even more dissatisfied towards him.

You have so many women in your harem that you can’t even play with them all. For your favor, those women bribe the eunuchs to put their green tablets on top.* Aren’t you afraid you will be oversexed and wilt early?

[TL Note: How Emperors select who serves them in bed that night.]

Of course, he could only think these words black belly. He would never dare to say them out loud.

Out of desperation, he decided to block Zi You in front of the Palace gate. He deliberately showed such an expression and said such ambiguous words.

There was only one purpose. He wanted to twist the truth and made it a fait accompli. He wanted to force Old General Mu to marry Zi You to him.

Taizi calculated well, but Zi You saw through him. She broke his plot with a few words.

Taizi rarely saw Zi You smile. He saw her slightly smile when the butterflies and small birds surrounded her. That smile was filled with confidence and wisdom, dazzling his eyes and striking his heart.

Her smile today was different from that day. It was a bit mischievous and lovable, and had a hint of blame. It made her seem less cold and made her more beautiful and her eyebrows more vivid.

Taizi stared foolishly, as Zi You was stepping out of the Palace gate.


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