Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 130 Part 2/5

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Taizi did indeed have the intentions to seize the spear, but he wanted Mu Zi You more.

Since the time that Zi You humiliated Shangguan Lingluo and showcased her talent, Taizi had been enchanted.

After all, it was rare to find a brave woman with unmatched appearance and unmatched talent.

Not to mention, after he went to the General’s Manor to investigate, Darong Ka told him, “Taizi Ye, Nucai is certain that Mu Zi You has spiritual power. It’s just that her spiritual power isn’t very strong right now or Nucai will not be her opponent. The strange thing is that Nucai met an opponent who was stronger than she is in her fu. Nucai did not see his face before Nucai lost to him.”

Zi You had spiritual power and a powerful helper. Taizi immediately thought of Zi You’s mother: that mysterious foreigner Dier.

Since Dier came to the capital, she had always stayed in the General’s Manor. She did not participate in any high society events. Besides that, as a foreign woman, even if she was a heavenly beauty, she had to have some ability. Otherwise, why would Old General Mu tell his Fuwang, “She saved YingYi, who was bitten by a poisonous snake and has nowhere to go. So Chen brought her back. After all, she is the savior of Chen’s son. How can Chen let her wander outside alone?”

However, if she had nowhere to go, then that meant that she had no family. So why after her death, did Old General Mu placed her body in a coffin and sent her to be buried in Nanjiang and not in the Mu family’s ancestral graveyard?

After all, Taizi was not a fool. Once he thought of this, he was more certain that Zi You was like Dier, who had some magical power.

That was because Mu family’s army was extremely loyal. No matter how Taizi bribed, he could not obtain any useful information. Later, he obtained with difficulty from a low soldier this news: “Our Furen is not an ordinary woman. She had been deep in the mountains and jungles.

“Poisonous snakes were thicker than our waist and could kill people with one drop of their poison. Even we were afraid of death and frightened looking at them. But our Furen played with them like toys. Those poisonous animals, especially, were scared just looking at her.”


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