Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 102 The Empress Dowager and Emperor’s Dispute Part 1/4

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Shangguan LingRan waited until Zi You finished and once again, mocked, “How rare! Idiots have times when they are smart and know how to analyze? Much better than those idle officials with paste-filled heads.”

The Empress Dowager pondered. She frowned and did not speak. Five minutes later, Shangguan LingRan continued, “Imperial grandmother, grandson thinks this is a good thing. Don’t you think it’s better for those criminal officials’ daughters to do something meaningful for our army than be prostitutes? If they really want to seek revenge, they’ll have many more opportunities in brothels. High-ranking officials frequently visit brothels. Isn’t it better to kill a high-ranking official rather than a soldier?”

The Empress Dowager nodded and smiled. “En, you are right. Yatou, rest assured forming that female medical team. Aijia will tell the Emperor. Indeed, this really is a good thing. Why are there objections? It seems like they don’t even listen to reason.”

Shangguan LingRan laughed mockingly again. “That’s because she’s too stupid. Of all the people, she had to offend fourth meimei? It would be strange if fourth meimei lets her off.”

“Lingluo?” The Empress Dowager asked, “How did you offend Fourth Gongzhu?”

Shangguan LingRan looked at Zi You in despise. He sharply and meanly said, “She’s stupid. Fourth meimei insulted her mother, but she won’t give up and had to have fourth meimei apologize. And she had to compete with fourth meimei…”

Shangguan LingRan recounted the conflict between Zi You and Shangguan Lingluo at Duke Anguo fu vividly and realistically. He then once again mocked, “An idiot is really an idiot. A powerless chennu fancifully thinks she can compete with a gongzhu of the imperial family. Aren’t you looking for death? Who is fourth meimei? She’s the beloved meimei in Taizi gege’s heart. Offending fourth meimei is the equivalent of offending Taizi gege. Offending Taizi gege is tantamount to offending imperial uncle. This stupid yatou hit a stone with eggs. Her brain not popping out from the impact is already minor.”

The Empress Dowager didn’t want to hear anymore. She frowned and said, “If so, then Taizi and Lingluo are wrong. One’s mother is insulted for no reason, but has to silently bear it and can’t talk? Isn’t this bullying? Lingluo is spoiled and insensible, but why is Taizi muddleheaded too? Aijia heard from Née Liu that yatou’s mother was a highly medically-skilled loyal, kind, and good woman. She made a lot of war contributions when our army suppressed the rebellion in Nanjiang. Wouldn’t Lingluo insulting her make Old General Mu and General Mu’s [Mu YingYi] hearts grow cold? It’s completely reasonable that yatou was angry. If she was unaffected, that would be unfilial.”


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  1. fan63 December 30, 2019 / 3:29 pm

    Empress Dowager has found someone to protect from Princess Lingluo

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      She’s a sensible woman.

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