Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 101 Strongly Contending in the Throne Room Attracts Everyone’s Attention Part 1/5

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At this time, Taizi walked out smiling, and said, “Fuwang [imperial father], Erchen [your son] feels that Mu Xiaojie should try it. Mu Xiaojie personally told Erchen about her mother saving many soldiers in Nanjiang. Erchen thinks that without Mu furen, even if we won that battle, our losses would be heavy. It can be seen that without medical skills, knowledge of the local regions and environment is not enough. Our army’s doctors lack the medical skills in protecting against miasma and poisons. Since Mu Xiaojie’s mother was well-versed in these skills, why not let Mu Xiaojie try? As for the situation Censor Sui mentioned… If he is worried, let’s have some imperial bodyguards follow along for intimidation. The little guniangs are sure to be obedient if they’re afraid.”

The Emperor’s face was gloomy. Although he was smiling, the smile did not reach his eyes. “Oh? The yatou and Taizi are familiar?”

“Not familiar,” Zi You seriously replied. “We’ve meet twice. Once at Duke Anguo fu and once at Duke Yingguo fu. There were lots of people there. But we may be more familiar in the future, because Chennu’s close jiejie Liu Ruixue will soon be Taizi Ye’s Cefei.”

The Emperor looked at Taizi and nodded. He continued to ask, “You’ve said that Nanjiang’s jungles have many poisonous snakes and such. As a little guniang, aren’t you afraid?”

Zi You lightly smiled, like an Epiphyllum in the nighttime: elegance and quiet. “Chennu is afraid. Chennu is afraid of snakes, scorpions, toads, and such animals. However, Chennu cannot be afraid and isn’t qualified to be afraid because after mother’s death, the task of protecting grandfather and uncle fell to Chennu. If grandfather and uncle are with troops in Nanjiang, being bitten by poisonous insects is the most common situation. If Chennu is afraid and cannot follow grandfather and uncle, what would happen if they are injured? And what would happen to the tens of thousands of soldiers? Chennu may be female and inferior, but Chennu loves her country. Even if there are difficulties as big as the heavens, for Chennu’s family and the country’s soldiers, Chennu will overcome them!”

The Emperor continually nodded his head. Just as he was about to speak, an old eunuch said, “Emperor, Empress Dowager wants to see Mu Zi You Xiaojie.”


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