Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 101 Part 2/5

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The Emperor could only wave his hand. “Yatou, go see the Empress Dowager then. Come with your grandfather to my royal study afterwards.”

“Chennu obeys.” Zi You bowed and retreated elegantly. The hall full of civil and military officials secretly praised, ‘She’s worthy of being a descendant from a military family. She has an awe-inspiring presence.’

Even that censor who disagreed with her was regretful. He should not have listened to that old rascal Duke Yingguo’s trickery.

“That silly immature and inexperienced little yatou dares to form some whatever female medical team and follow men onto the battlefield. Does she think there is no one alive in our Great Yan? Censor Sui, the Emperor will definitely be pleased if you accuse her of misconduct. The Censorship Institution’s Left and Right Imperial Censors are old. And Left Censor Lu especially have lost the Emperor’s trust. As long as you work hard, the Censorship Institution’s position will be yours.”

What “position will be yours?” He was afraid he wouldn’t even keep his position as an imperial censor of the Censorship Institution.

Zi You did not know that she had already attracted the civil and military officials and the Emperor’s attention in throne room. She very calmly arrived at the Empress Dowager’s Jingyang Palace.

As soon as she walked in, she saw Shangguan LingRan leaning on the Empress Dowager.

That scoundrel made faces at her and silently scolded, “Stupid!”

Zi You was too lazy to reply and didn’t even look at him. She walked with dignity and elegantly knelt in greeting. “Chennu Mu Zi You pays respects to Empress Dowager. Wishing Empress Dowager lives thousands of years! Chennu pays respects to Shizi Ye. Wishing Shizi Ye good fortune!”

The Empress Dowager looked lovingly at Shangguan LingRan. “This is the guniang you said who could attract a hundred birds and butterflies?”

“This is the idiot.” Shangguan LingRan still used that sloppy tone. He looked devilishly at Zi You, smiling a smile that could confuse all living beings and cause the downfall of a country.


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