Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 100 The Malicious Woman Has Evil Thoughts Again [2] Part 1/5

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At this point, Wang Yiping turned a bit red. She paused and then continued, “Yiniang was afraid that others will find out I was alone with fifth brother, so she lied and told that darned yatou I left. But that little wench had bad intentions, so she deliberately brought people to come find me. Fifth brother and I dared not come out. Our lives were almost lost. Jiejie, go back and tell father that he must take revenge for your meimei. I suspect that little wench let out that poisonous snake to bite us. I heard your brother-in-law said that the little wench’s mother raised poisonous snakes.”

Wang Yaping angrily scolded, “Yes, that little wench publicly insulted my Xuan’er [Yu Lanxuan]. I was just about to go settle debts with her.”

Wang Yiping nodded. “That little wench is very malicious. She had Yanhong kneel in my courtyard that whole day. When she fainted away, that little wench finally came to beg for mercy for me to forgive Yanhong. My anger is still stuck in my throat and it’s still unbearable.”

Wang Yaping nodded. Her expression was fierce as she said, “But father has no real power. The little wench’s grandfather is a first-rank general. How can father help you? I think it’s better to find a man to sneak into the little wench’s room at night and rape her.”

Wang Yiping smiled and nodded. She said lowly into Wang Yaping’s ear, “There is another way: have the old fool lose the Emperor’s trust. The little wench brought fifty-plus female slaves home. She said she was going to train them into female doctors. They and she would follow the old fool and young fool [Mu YingYi] onto the battlefield and protect them. Some of the female slaves are daughters of criminal officials. Moreover, the old fool hoarded so many slaves. If the Emperor finds out, he will surely be suspicious. Then father can have someone say some words in front of the Emperor. The old fool will certainly be doomed. Then wouldn’t the little wench be at my mercy?”

Wang Yiping’s face turned more ferocious. “Have father let the imperial censor know so he can censor the old fool. Huh! As long as the old fool is in trouble, the little wench can’t be arrogant. Jiejie, we can kill two birds with one stone. I don’t believe that we can’t kill them.”

“There’s also me, Aunty,” Yu Lanxuan viciously said. “I will pretend to be friends with her and find out all her secrets. Then I will make trouble for her. I will seduce whoever she will be engaged to.”

“Haha…” The three people emitted low crow-like laughter.

[TL Note: Why does Wang Yiping not think about how the General’s Manor is formidable only because of Old General Mu and Mu YingYi? How could Old General Mu losing power be good for her? 😑]


3 thoughts on “Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 100 The Malicious Woman Has Evil Thoughts Again [2] Part 1/5

  1. sabruness December 17, 2019 / 3:42 am

    Well, she’s a braindead idiot of reprehensible nonexistant morals. If she had sense in the first place, she wouldnt be screwing every man she could get a hold of (including her brother). It must be a problem with the gene pool and you know the best way to deal with that!:

    Honestly, i cant see this scheme going well.

  2. humbledaisy1 December 29, 2019 / 7:46 pm

    I think this is a just a collection of the worst tropes of harem women. I really don’t mind individuals working for their families by marrying well, etc., but these women are just being selfish for sex, money and power. I’m looking forward to Our Heroine moving to solving more important situations. Thanks translators!

    • loullax January 10, 2020 / 3:48 am


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