Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 100 Part 5/5

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“Emperor, Chennu’s family and enemies are battling on the frontline. Chennu may be a female descendant from a military family and cannot fight on the battlefield, but Chennu can save the wounded in the army with a female medical team. Chennu can protect Chennu’s family and Great Yan’s soldiers. It is a medical professional’s duty to provide timely treatment. Chennu cannot hide in fear. Emperor, injuries on the battlefield are 30% treatment and 70% support. It’s not sustainable to focus on medical treatment without prevention. This is the valuable experience Chennu’s mother worked hard to accumulate. Emperor, please grant Chennu permission to train a female medical team and go onto the battlefield.”

Zi You knelt down with a bang.

A censor hurriedly reported, “Emperor absolutely cannot. With young women in the army, can the soldiers focus on killing the enemy? Moreover, I heard that some of these women are descendants of criminal officials. If they aspired for vengeance, wouldn’t our soldiers be in danger?”

Zi You bit her vermilion lips and asked with a mournful face, “Has this official been to the slave market?”

The censor tilted his head up proudly. “Why would this official go there?

Zi You looked at him and clearly said, “It is like hell on earth there. Does this official think that someone who escaped from hell would want to go back to hell? The oldest female slave is fourteen years old and the youngest is only ten years old. They were bought by Chennu at their most hopeless point and taught medical skills. They hate that they can’t immediately make achievements and erase their slave status. How can it be possible that they would commit criminal acts? Besides, does this official think Chennu is dead? If Chennu can’t even manage a medical team of fifty females, why talk about going to save people on the frontline? Chennu is willing to accept a military order. If things turn out the way this official says, then Chennu is willing to put her head up for guarantee.”


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