Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 100 Part 3/5

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The eunuch opened the palanquin’s door. He smiled, “Would Mu Xiaojie please follow this servant?”

“Yes. Please lead the way, gonggong [eunuch].” Zi You faintly felt that the reason the Emperor wanted to see her had something to do with her forming a female medical team. She curtsied and elegantly took light, dignified steps towards the throne room.

Today, Zi You wore an ice-blue, silver-embroidered white mandara flowered dress. A light blue silk girdle with tassels was around her waist.

Her blue-clad back flowed like water. Her posture was straight and her steps were light. Under the autumn sunshine, her whole body emitted faint silver and blue brilliance. She was exquisite, elegant, and peerlessly noble. One felt ashamed of one’s inferiority looking at her.

Once she walked into the hall, everyone’s eyes involuntarily followed her. The Emperor looked at his officials looking non-stop at a little yatou and helplessly shook his head.

The little yatou was so young, but already peerless in her magnificence and capable of causing the downfall of a nation. Some people didn’t have to do a thing since birth and still have a soul-hooking charm.

Zi You bowed. Her voice was as clear and delicate as a yellow warbler out of a valley. “Chennu Mu Zi You pays respects to the Emperor. Wishing Emperor lives tens of thousands of years!”

She wasn’t rushed or panicked, but calm and steady. The Emperor thought it was surprising. Worthy of being a military family’s Di daughter. Even Zhen’s [the imperial “I”, how Emperors refer to themselves] daughters are inferior compared to her manner and grace.

“Rise. Lift your head up. Let Zhen take a look.” The Emperor’s voice was calm and didn’t emit any emotion.

Zi You slowly got up. Her posture was elegant and calm. Her reply was neither humble nor assertive. “Chennu doesn’t dare. Chennu’s appearance is vulgar. Chennu is afraid of startling Emperor.”

The Emperor lightly smiled. “Zhen pardons you.”

“Yes.” Zi You slowly raised her head. The Emperor took a look and was stunned silly.

[TL Note: Finally meeting the Emperor…]


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