Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 100 Part 2/5

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No one noticed the Weishali who crawled out from beneath Wang Yiping’s feet. Weishali heard the three women’s vicious plan. It hissed in anger. It hated that it couldn’t bite the three women to death.

You want to hurt my little master?! See how I will take care of you.

Wang Yiping and company’s evil plan was quickly known by Zi You. After these days with Weishali, the two were basically able to communicate. Zi You was able to guess Weishali’s meaning 80% of the time.

Zi You immediately went to find her grandfather and cutely said, “Grandfather, Taizi already found out that day that granddaughter is forming a female medical team. For the sake of safety and eliminating an excuse for gossip, why don’t you go to the Palace and submit a memorial to the Emperor? After all, the slaves were brought from the slave market. Some are relatives of criminal officials. We can’t have anyone criticize, right? Grandfather?”

Old General Mu also had this intention. This matter would be known sooner or later. His granddaughter was right. If the censor didn’t cause a commotion every day, he would be uncomfortable.

Old General Mu nodded and said gratifyingly, “Our You’er grew up and knows how to share her grandfather’s burdens. Not bad, not bad. Grandfather will go to the Palace now and report this matter to the Emperor.”

When Old General Mu returned, he did not speak of how he reported it or how the Emperor reacted. Zi You also did not ask. As long as grandfather did not tell her to stop training the females, she would keep on doing it.

On the third day, while Zi You was explaining to the females about human anatomy, people from the Palace came.

Since the Mu YingRui couple couldn’t leave their beds, Née Liu could only greet them with Zi You. Coincidentally, they were looking for Zi You. “The Emperor decrees that Great General Mu’s Di granddaughter, Mu Zi You, enters the Palace for an audience.”

The eunuch announced in a duck-like voice. Zi You sat on a palanquin and was carried into the Imperial Palace. She directly arrived at the throne room the Emperor used to meet officials.


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