BONUS 3/3: Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 165 Part 6/6

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The Emperor was about to speak, but Zi You asked, “Fourth Gongzhu, you said that Chennu drugged you. But the only close contact with you was when you came over to toast Chennu. The wine jug and wine are yours. How can Chennu drug you? Also, you have made amends with Chennu. Why would Chennu drug you?”

“Exactly.” Second Gongzhu stood up for Zi You. “The wine jug and wine are carried by your palace maid. Can it be that your own palace maid wants to harm you too? Besides, it isn’t the first time between you and that guard. There is no smear of red on the bed. What are you refuting? Mu Xiaojie even wanted to bite her finger to cover up for you. Now, you’re here accusing her. You’re really inhuman.”

Fourth Gongzhu’s mind turned and she suddenly looked at Shangguan Yunluo. She fiercely scolded, “Shangguan Yunluo, you b*stard! It’s you! It’s you who wants to harm me, right?”

“Are you a mad dog? Biting everywhere?” Second Gongzhu was angry and also yelled out.

The Emperor looked at his two daughters attacking each other. His head pained even more. He finally waved his hand. “Fourth Gongzhu is un-virtuous. From today on, she is abolished of the Gongzhu title. She is demoted to a commoner. She will become a nun and never be allowed to enter the palace again. The man will be executed.”

The Empress had rushed over and only heard the last words of the imperial decree.

She quickly knelt down and begged. “Please calm your anger, Emperor! Fourth Gongzhu……”

“Shut up!” The Empress had not finished speaking, but was interrupted by the Emperor. “Look at the Gongzhu whom you have raised. She makes a mess in the court and attempts to murder an official’s daughter. Even till now, Taizi can’t be found. What are you doing? Are you too busy to take care of the wangzis and gongzhus? Then let Liu Guifei help you manage half of the harem’s affairs.”

The Empress’ peach blossom eyes that were very similar to Taizi’s looked deeply at Zi You. Although she didn’t say anything, she questioned in her heart what role this Mu Xiaojie played in today’s matter.

The Emperor thought for a long time, but didn’t have the heart to kill Shangguan Lingluo. He reduced her to a commoner and a nun to block everyone’s mouths.

Zi You coldly smiled. She, with her grandfather and uncle, quietly thanked the Emperor for his grace. Then she looked at the wardrobe in Shangguan Lingluo’s palace and let Taizi off.

This was not the time to kill him. If Taizi fell, Third Wangzi would dominate. Second Wangzi might not be able to beat him. Only if Taizi and Third Wangzi kept each other in check would Second Wangzi have the opportunity to rest, recuperate, and make plans.

Taizi was about to suffocate to death in Shangguan Lingluo’s wardrobe when the Emperor finally left with everyone.


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