BONUS 2/3: Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 165 Part 5/6

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Thinking of this, the Emperor quickly said to Zi You, “You’er, are you okay? Come over to Zhen. Don’t let this madwoman hurt you.”

It was as if Zi You finally reacted from shock. She shook her head miserably and obediently went over to the Emperor’s side.

Shangguan Lingluo struggled even more frantically. She shouted, “Fuwang, are you making a mistake? I’m your daughter. This cheap wench harmed me. Why are you not going to kill her? Why are you all mesmerized by her?”

Shangguan Lingluo’s jealousy and anger made her forget how she received the Emperor and Empress Dowager’s doting. She suddenly looked terrifyingly ferocious.

Actually, she wasn’t a fool. After her Mufei, Hui Fei, passed away, the Empress did not immediately take her and Fourth Wangzi in to raise.

She suffered every master and even palace servants’ insult. Finally, she began to learn how to please every master and try to win over even the palace servants.

That was how she slowly gained a foothold in the Palace. The Empress saw that the Emperor began to pay attention to her. That was why she took her and her brother to raise.

She was eight years old when Hui Fei passed away. She was nine and a half years old when she was brought to be raised by the Empress.

During that one and a half year, she tried hard to please the Emperor and Empress Dowager. When the Empress Dowager was sick, she personally took care of her. When the Emperor was unwell, she used her own blood to make medicine.

She was kind, sensible, and virtuous. That was why the Empress Dowager and Emperor loved her. She finally became the noblest Gongzhu in the Palace.

But the original sensibility and virtuousness were faked. The Emperor looked at his daughter’s mad appearance with a face of disgust.

His mind constantly turned. Shangguan Lingluo’s reputation was destroyed now. She was the shame of the imperial family. Did he need to offend Mu Junyuan for such a daughter?

If he offended him, there were no other loyal generals available. It seemed like he could only sacrifice Shangguan Lingluo to pacify the scandal and appease Mu Junyuan.


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