BONUS 1/3: Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 165 Part 4/6

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The Emperor had brought Yu Meilian, Shangguan LingRan, Second Gongzhu, Third Wangzi, Zi You, the involved gongzis and xiaojies, Old General Mu, and the other officials to another side hall.

The Emperor was not letting anyone leave since the situation wasn’t clear and the scandal could not be suppressed. How shameful would it be if this was spread out?!

The Emperor strongly suppressed the surging anger in his heart and said, “Let her in.”

Shangguan Lingluo came inside and didn’t even salute the Emperor. She looked at Zi You as if she saw a criminal who had killed her mother. She immediately pounced over and bared her claws and fangs. “You cheap wench! Bengong lowered myself to make amends with you. Why do you want to frame Bengong and put an aphrodisiac in Bengong’s wine?”

Third Wangzi shifted. He wanted to jump over and stand up for Zi You. But he looked at the Emperor’s green and livid face and stopped his feet.

Shangguan Lingluo was, after all, his own sister. If he stood up for an official’s daughter and reprimanded his own sister, Fuwang wouldn’t say it, but his heart would be chilled.

A long set of nails wanted to scratch Zi You’s small face. Shangguan LingRan flipped his finger in the air and Shangguan Lingluo’s knee was hit.

Shangguan Lingluo was in pain. She fell to the ground with an “Ouch.” Her long nails didn’t scratch Zi You’s face, but ripped out the silk in her brocade dress.

It could be imagined that what Zi You’s face would look like if she had scratched Zi You’s face.

The Emperor had never thought that his daughter would strike an official’s daughter in front him, her Fuwang. He furiously said, “Presumptuous! Why aren’t you pulling her over for Zhen?”

He thought that his fourth daughter went overboard! Who was Mu Zi You? She was the precious treasured granddaughter of Old General Mu. If she was really hurt by his own daughter, would Old General Mu still be loyal to him?


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