Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter Chapter Chapter 16.1 Exposing the Trick

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But Xia Tieniu was her biological Dabo, her deceased father’s biological older brother. But Xia Tieniu still treated the siblings so coldly. He allowed Née Lin to bully orphans who lost their parents and cheat away their hard-earned money from selling vegetables. Even if he didn’t personally do these things, since he acquiesced to Née Lin doing them, what was the difference between him doing them himself?

Xia YuanQiu’s cool eyes looked at Xia Tieniu. She faintly said, “Dabo never comes to my house. How would you know what I know and what I don’t know?”

The villagers outside heard and knew that YuanQiu’s heart held resentment. But come to think of it, the siblings lost their parents three years ago. One was eleven and one was seven. Even the funeral was held by the village chief. Some kind-hearted villagers helped cook the meal afterwards. Her Dabo Xia Tieniu hid far away and didn’t do anything. The third brother Xia Tiezhu was a shopkeeper in the county and said he had no time to come back. They didn’t even care about their brother’s funeral, how could they care about the two orphans?

Xia Tieniu heard the discussions outside and his face immediately changed. He stared hard at Xia YuanQiu and said unhappily, “Since you know medicine, what are you waiting for? Waiting for your Tangge to die?”

YuanQiu wasn’t angry at Xia Tieniu’s berating. But YuanHao’s small hands clenched into fists and he glared at Xia Tieniu with pursed lips.

Xia YuanQiu secretly held a thin needle in her fingers. She went to sit down by the bed and felt the pulse.

According to Née Lin, this Xia YuanSong was a sickly person. He needed medicine every two or three days and emptied the family’s coffers. But from his pulse, Xia YuanSong was in good shape. There wasn’t the slightest sign of a weak body. It was obvious Née Lin was full of nonsense. Née Lin really dared to say anything to cheat money. She wasn’t afraid her stinky mouth would bring bad luck to her son.


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