Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter Chapter 15.5 Feigning Illness to Cheat Money

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It was early autumn. The sun had set by this time. It was a good time to stroll and digest food in the sunset glow and breezy wind. The siblings met a lot of people along the way. YuanQiu greeted and invited everyone to DaboMu’s house for the liveliness. She had never liked liveliness but now, the more people and bustle, the more favorable it was for her.

Aunt Zhang also had dinner at home and rushed over. She was afraid the siblings would be bullied by Née Lin and Xia Tieniu and brought her husband, Zhang Lin, along with her.

Although Dabo’s family also lived in a thatched cottage, but their thatched cottage was much nicer than her own. It was spacious and did not have leaky walls. The place had lots of cooking equipment and nothing was missing. This cottage was much better than her 3.5-walls place.

The legendary always-ill tangge, Xia YuanSong, was currently lying in bed. He was pretending to sleep under the quilt, with his eyes tightly shut. He stayed in that position, waiting for her for a long time. Because the weather did not call for quilts yet, he had a forehead full of sweat.

Xia Tieniu went into his cottage with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at YuanQiu and said lightly, “YuanQiu, when did you learn how to treat illnesses? How did I not know?” He firmly believed that Xia YuanQiu did not know medicine. But the people outside were discussing loudly. They said they personally saw YuanQiu save the dying little fatty last night. Little fatty was originally bitten by a poisonous snake but was completely fine right now. They painted a colorful picture of how YuanQiu inserted needles to rid the poison. But he still refused to believe it. He couldn’t imagine how the weak and ignorant Xia YuanQiu knew medicine.

If YuanQiu hated Née Lin with 10% of her being, then she hated Xia Tieniu with 20%. Née Lin bullying her and her brother could be considered as an outsider woman’s selfishness. She was afraid the siblings would drag her family down.


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