Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter Chapter 15.1 Feigning Illness to Cheat Money

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They didn’t have three meals a day so they came to steal her old hen and eggs? Not enough clothes to wear? Their clothing was better than YuanHao and mine by ten times. Tangge was ill and no money to invite a doctor? That’s great. She had superb medical skills and nowhere to use them. She would cure him and not charge a coin.

Heh heh. She could immediately cure Tangge’s illness and made it so that he would never dare to be sick again.

“DaboMu, how about this? I’ll go take a look at Tangge. Maybe I could cure him and you don’t have to go to the doctor’s. You can save money and trouble. What do you think?”

Née Lin was about to refuse. But YuanLing’s eyes shifted. She pulled her mother and gave her a wink. Née Lin immediately caught on. She turned to YuanQiu, “Then take a look at YuanSong. But you have to promise that if you can’t cure him, you must lend me the money so that I can take YuanSong to the doctor’s.”

YuanQiu smiled and nodded, “Of course. An illness must have a cure. If I cannot cure him, then naturally you should invite another doctor to cure him. DaboMu’s house has difficulties. There is no justification for your niece to not help, right?”

These words rid Née Lin’s worries. Her face immediately became happy. She turned to wink to her daughter. How could Xia YuanLing not understand? She hurried out and flew back home.

Née Lin did not see YuanQiu perform acupuncture on little fatty so she naturally did not know that YuanQiu knew medicine. She thought YuanQiu was bragging. If YuanSong pretended to be ill, could YuanQiu not hand over the money?

As the saying went, one could never wake up someone pretending to be asleep. Similarly, a good doctor could never cure someone pretending to be sick.

But YuanQiu was not a random doctor. She had her ways.

Xia YuanQiu let Née Lin return home first. She and YuanHao had dinner and then leisurely went over to DaboMu’s house.


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