Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 9 Vile Characters Discussing, Part 2

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Fourth Aunt Liu had deliberately stepped on some good vegetables. But the rest of the good vegetables were saved for Uncle Zhang to sell at the market.

Growing and selling vegetables did not make a good living. The backyard was also not very big and could only grow little amounts of vegetables. The income was limited. It was estimated to be enough for food for the two siblings. If she wanted to send YuanHao to school next spring, she needed to think of ways to earn money. Moreover, the house needed some repairs or wintertime would be hard to survive.

Fourth Aunt Liu carried a basket of vegetables home. She angrily threw the basket down. Her husband was at work. The house only had Liu WenXuan and his younger sister Liu WenZhen. They heard the noise and rushed out of the house. They saw their mother, pale with anger. “Mother, what is this?”

Fourth Aunt Liu pointed to the basket of vegetables on the ground. “Since that cheap wench Xia YuanQiu could not marry over, she changed in the blink of an eye. I went to her garden to pick vegetables. She came with Liu Cui to extort me. You two tell me, is this basket of vegetables worth one silver?”

Liu WenZhen took a cold breath and asked in surprise, “Mother, Xia YuanQiu asked you for money? How dare she?”

Fourth Aunt Liu recalled Zia YuanQiu’s frosty expression. She spat on the ground and viciously said, “That darned girl, now that she’s able, she doesn’t give me any face. She only recognizes silver or she would report me for stealing.”

At this time, even Liu WenXuan’s face changed. He was in disbelief. In his memory, Xia YuanQiu didn’t even dare to look at him. She had this kind of guts?

Liu WenZhen stared with round eyes. “So, mother, you gave her one silver?”

Fourth Aunt Liu glanced at Liu WenXuan and exclaimed, “Could I not give? So many people were watching. She wanted to find the village chief and neighborhood chief to judge at every turn. The neighborhood chief is fine, but the village chief is your brother’s future father-in-law. We can’t let your brother lose face.”


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