Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 9 Vile Characters Discussing, Part 1

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Looking at YuanHao’s tearful eyes, YuanQiu petted his head. She smiled, “YuanHao, remember as long as there is jiejie, jiejie would not let you starve. Jiejie would definitely let us live a good life.”

YuanHao looked at his jiejie. Since she woke up from fainting three days ago, she seemed to have changed into another person. She was no longer the Xia YuanQiu who said “yes” to everyone. She paid attention to him now. Since she said these words, he was happy enough to go crazy.

“What? You don’t believe jiejie?” Xia YuanQiu frowned and feigned anger, looking at him.

YuanHaoi hurriedly waved his hand, “No, no. how can I not believe in jiejie? I believe everything jiejie says.”

“Since you believe jiejie, then quickly eat. Tonight we would have congee with dried fish. Jiejie’s cooking skills aren’t bad. You’ll know when you’ve tasted it.” She rubbed the top of YuanHao’s head, looking at him with doting eyes.

She had never been a person to admit defeat and give in to life. Since fate let her be reborn again, what’s the problem with a medical doctor turning into a peasant farmer girl? Heavens’ greatest gift was that she was still alive. As long as she was still alive, nothing was impossible.

YuanHao had no more misgivings. He ate three poached eggs and swore in his heart that as a man, he must protect his jiejie. He wouldn’t let the shameless and wicked people in the village bully his jiejie.

After YuanHao fell asleep, YuanQiu went to the vegetable garden in the backyard. The soil was rich and fertile, somewhat different from the other plots of land in Xipo Village. This must be the most probable reason why the garden could grow such big and tender vegetables.


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