Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 8 Sibling Affection, Part 2

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The siblings returned home and Uncle Zhang really sent a basket of dried small fishes over. There was also an egg-drop soup with foam and spring onions. In addition, there were four white, poached eggs. Xia YuanQiu started drooling. She embarrassedly said, “Uncle Zhang, this is not good. The dried fish is okay. But take the eggs back to little fatty. He has to supplement his body.”

Uncle Zhang smiled honestly. He waved his hand, “YuanQiu, don’t be polite with uncle and auntie. Little fatty has his share. This is especially for you and your brother. Look how thin YuanHao is. He can’t just eat vegetables, right?”

YuanQiu saw that Uncle Zhang was sincere in sending the eggs. She no longer refused, thinking that if her family was better off in the future, she could not forget his family.

She accepted the things and Uncle Zhang left. She pushed the bowl of egg-drop soup towards YuanHao. “YuanHao, eat quickly and then sleep. We can’t go to the mountain today. We’ll go tomorrow morning.” She worked all night and was already malnourished. She was afraid that before making it halfway up the mountain, she would have to be carried back.

YuanHao obediently took the bowl and drank some. He pushed the bowl back to YuanQiu. “Jie, I’m full. You eat now.”

YuanQiu’s heart warmed. Such a young child knew how to save the good foods for his jiejie. He would be a doting husband when he grew up. She got up and retrieved a bowl from the simple kitchen outside the house. She added two eggs and pushed the bowl back to YuanHao. She firmly said, “Jiejie doesn’t like eating eggs. One is enough. Eat them all and don’t leave any soup.”

YuanHao was already ten years old. He was not an ignorant child who didn’t know anything. He knew his jiejie wanted to leave the best food for him, not that she didn’t like eating eggs. Which poor family did not like eating eggs? They were just reluctant to part with any and eat.


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  1. loullax January 10, 2020 / 12:54 am

    Such a good brother.

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    At least she has a good brother 👍

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