Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 8 Sibling Affection, Part 1

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During these few days, YuanQiu had clearly found out what the original host’s wishes were. This vegetable garden in her backyard was very different and special. No matter what was planted, it grew especially well. That had nothing to do with the original host’s gardening ability. Since her parents passed away in an accident three years ago, she met Fourth Aunt Liu’s Xiucai son. Three years ago, he was not a Xiucai. His family didn’t want to put him through school so he worked in the fields. He was not willing. Liu WenXuan was wiping tears off, hiding in the little forest on the east side of the village and was seen by the original host. They lived in the same village so she knew some of the rumors. Looking at his tearful white face, the original host couldn’t bear it and impulsively stuffed the money that she got from selling vegetables into Liu WenXuan’s hands.

Since then, Liu WenXuan often appeared near Xia YuanQiu’s house. And it was always after Xia YuanQiu sold her vegetables.

At the time, Xia YuanQiu was naïve to the point of stupidity. She couldn’t tell that he was there to cheat her money. She simplemindedly handed her hard-earned money unconditionally to him.

Liu WenXuan looked neat and clean, with a cleaver mouth to coax people. Xia YuanQiu firmly believed that if she persisted in putting Liu WenXuan through school, he would be a Xiucai. Then he would marry her and she would live a good life.

The result was that Liu WenXuan obtained the Xiucai title and the Liu family became prominent. But Xia YuanQiu did not receive news of Liu WenXuan honoring his promise. Instead, she received the news of Liu family and the village chief’s family deciding on marriage.

Xia YuanQiu could not accept this and was excessively heartbroken. She passed away and this was the rebirth of the 21st century’s Xia YuanQiu.


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