Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 7 If She Doesn’t Want Face, She is Invincible [3], Part 1

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YuanQiu coldly sneered, “Let’s put aside whether it’s worth the money or not. If you can let these vegetables grow back again, then I don’t want any of your money.” Of course she knew it wasn’t worth one silver. A basket of these vegetables would at most sell for 100 or 200 coins. After paying Uncle Zhang for selling them for her, she would at most have 100 coins. But today she must extort this poniang [women (derogatory)]. She must let her see blood or she would come and steal again.

YuanQiu’s words as sharp as the wind made her seem like a different person from the yes-man she used to be. Fourth Aunt Liu was surprised into speechlessness.

Aunt Zhang’s heart was happy. “YuanQiu is right. If you make these vegetables grow back like they were originally, then you don’t need to pay. Otherwise, this is theft. Then we need to find the village chief to settle things. Oh right, the village chief is your future relative by marriage. He will be on your side. Then we will invite the neighborhood chief. If he can’t come, then my husband will make a trip into town. He’ll invite an official he knows there to come and formally accuse you of theft. Your Xiucai son would have some face then.”

Hearing Aunt Zhang would go to the county officials, Fourth Aunt Liu was scared into a cold sweat. Her son just received the Xiucai title and hoped for more future prospects. If she blew this matter up in front of the county official, would the official still look favorably upon WenXuan?

“Little fatty’s mother, what are you saying? I didn’t say I won’t pay. Why are you in such a hurry?” Fourth Aunt Liu’s freckled face showed a forced smile to Aunt Zhang. She looked at YuanQiu and falsely smiled, “YuanQiu, your vegetables are indeed good, but not worth one silver. How about this? I have 100 coins on me right now. I’ll give that to you. I’ll send you some more money later. What do you say?”

YuanQiu’s coldly sneered in her heart. With Fourth Aunt Liu’s greedy and avaricious personality, if she brought the vegetables back home, would she still send money over? That was more improbable than pigs flying.


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