Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 6 If She Doesn’t Want Face, She is Invincible [2], Part 2

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Fourth Aunt Liu knew she wouldn’t be able to take the basket of vegetables away for free today. But could she spend one silver to buy her family’s groceries? She would rather go and pick vegetables from her own house than spend one silver to buy a basket of vegetables back.

She grumbled and poured out all the vegetables from the basket. She shouted, “Don’t use these vegetables to take this woman’s money. This woman won’t fall for it! Huh!”

Aunt Zhang immediately rolled up her sleeves and scolded, “You darned woman needs a beating. No one is scared of you. I’m not afraid. Come out and see how I deal with you.”

Fourth Aunt Liu also had a fiery temper. Although she knew she wasn’t the coarse Aunt Zhang’s opponent, but the other side was clamoring to fight. How could she not respond? She flung her shoulder pole to the ground and said angrily, “Liu Cui, you are bullying this woman up to her head. This woman will fight with her life today.”

Seeing a violent battle was about to start, the villagers who were there to watch the liveliness circled them. Some tried to make peace and some fanned the flames, being partial to either side.

YuanQiu didn’t want her vegetables to be ruined in vain. She turned to the Fourth Aunt Liu who was trying to leave, “Fourth Aunt Liu, these vegetables were originally growing well on the ground. Now you picked them all from the ground. You can’t say you don’t want them. If you’re reasonable, give me one silver. If you’re unreasonable, I will invite the village chief and neighborhood chief to judge who has the logic here.”

Fourth Aunt Liu’s arrogance was halted. Inviting the neighborhood chief was fine. She could be thick-skinned. But the village chief was her going to be her future in-law. Whether he helped her or not, this was not something to be proud of. In the future, in front of his in-laws, her son would lose some face. This was not good.

But to take out one silver was more painful than cutting off her flesh. She turned her eyes and pointed to the vegetables behind her, “Even if I have to give you money, let everyone judge. Is this pile of damaged vegetables worth one silver?”


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