Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 54 Building the New House Part 1/2

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Uncle Zhang sighed. “I didn’t expect that you had such a fortuitous encounter then. Could that white-bearded old man be an immortal?”

YuanQiu’s words were mixed with truths and lies. Uncle Zhang was convinced and even YuanHao was confused. Could it be that jiejie was telling the truth?

“Uncle Zhang, is this ox cart Uncle Liu’s? How much does it cost to rent it?” YuanQiu changed the topic.

Uncle Zhang looked at the ox cart and sighed. “It costs fifteen coins to rent it for a trip. It’s expensive, but there’s no other way. Only Liu Si’s family has an ox cart in our village.”

YuanQiu thought that she had just earned thirty silvers and how she would need an ox cart in the future. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if she had one at home?

“Uncle Zhang, I want to buy an ox cart. How much will it cost?”

Uncle Zhang was startled. If this was before, he could certainly advise her not to buy it. A day was long and it was better to save money. But today, he saw how the siblings sold two baskets of herbs for Boss Xu’s thirty silvers. He knew that even if they wouldn’t be wealthy in the future, they would certainly live better.

He smiled as he said, “An ox and cart cost about seven or eight silvers. I saw someone buying an ox in the market a few days ago. After haggling, it was seven silvers. A wooden cart added to it wouldn’t cost more than one silver.”

YuanQiu nodded and immediately said, “Let’s go buy it now. If we have our own ox cart, if would be easier for you to deliver fish in the future.”

Uncle Zhang thought that the siblings were buying him an ox cart and immediately waved his hand. “This won’t do. How can I have you siblings buy me an ox cart? No, no.”

YuanQiu was happy looking at Uncle Zhang’s stingy appearance. She smiled as she said, “Uncle Zhang, I didn’t say that the ox cart is for you. YuanHao and I will use it too. We also don’t know how to drive an ox cart. We’ll have to bother you in the future.”


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