Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 52 Delivery Part 2/2

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The eggplant was fresh and delicious. It was very fragrant and fresh, but not salty. It could tempt people’s appetites. In particular, the pieces of fish in the dish tasted wonderful. It was clearly an inexpensive dish, but tasted like a high-end dish.

“How is it?”

YuanQiu didn’t say anything, but Uncle Zhang was anxious. He really wanted to know if Boss Xu liked his dried fish.

Boss Xu ignored him and brought another chopstick of salted fish eggplant into his mouth. After he closed his eyes and swallowed, he gave a big thumbs-up. “This delicacy shouldn’t be tasted just by me. All the customers of Jufu Lou should get to eat it.”

Boss Xu’s words meant that he recognized this dish and Uncle Zhang’s dried fish. YuanQiu smiled and said, “Then I will give this dish an elegant name — Fish Swimming Against a Purple Moon.”

Boss Xu clapped. He praised the name for being very elegant. All the customers would surely love it.

After the name was decided, it was time to settle on a price for the dried fish. Boss Xu asked the manager responsible for buying dried goods in the kitchen about the market price for dried fish. It was about ten coins for a catty.

Boss Xu proposed twenty coins for a catty to Uncle Zhang and asked for long-term delivery.

Uncle Zhang was very happy. He didn’t know how to speak smoothly, so other than repeatedly thanking Boss Xu, he was so excited that he couldn’t say anything else. He was a laborer in the mountain. Other than farming, there was only fishing to earn money. Farming was only enough to feed his family. The money from fishing was used to supplement the household, such as making new clothing for his wife and child for the holidays or buying some meat. Now, this was extra income.

He didn’t have high ambitions in the past. He merely hoped that his family had enough to eat and stayed warm. But as little fatty grew up, he had a higher goal. He hoped that little fatty could be like Liu Wenxuan and go study in school. If he became a Xiucai, others would think highly of little fatty. Then he didn’t need to worry about finding a wife in the future.


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