Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 52 Delivery Part 1/2

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YuanQiu took the basket off the ox cart and casually grabbed a handful of dried fish before going into the kitchen.

YuanHao thought that jiejie was going to make the stewed dried fish that she made a few days ago. He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva when he thought of that deliciousness.

YuanQiu picked out two large eggplants from a basket in the kitchen. She cut the eggplants into finger-length strips and prepared some oil. She cut the heads and tails off the dried fish before cutting them into small pieces. Then she minced meat and sliced garlic.

Boss Xu was very curious. What kind of high-end dish could be made from such simple and ordinary ingredients?

She added oil to a hot pan and stir-fried the garlic slices. Then she stir-fried the minced meat before stir-frying the dried fish.

At this time, the fresh and salty flavor of the fish had been completely brought out. The whole kitchen was filled with a very tempting aroma. Now, YuanQiu added the sliced eggplant and already-prepared sauce when it finished stir-frying.

During the time it was braising in the fire, YuanQiu rummaged in the kitchen and finally found a porcelain pot painted with pink branches on a white background. It was very tiny and cute and very new. It was obvious that it had not been used much.

She put the tempting salted fish eggplant into the porcelain pot and continued to heat it on the fire. She finally put out the fire when the liquid in the porcelain pot began to bubble up.

“The porcelain pot can sustain heat for a certain amount of time. The food in the porcelain pot can get a very good insulation effect. It is especially useful in the wintertime.” YuanQiu put the bubbling eggplant on the table in front of Boss Xu. She brought over a pair of chopsticks for him to taste.

Boss Xu didn’t know how many mouthfuls of saliva he had swallowed since he smelled the tempting aroma. Now that he could finally taste it, he immediately disregarded his image and poked the chopsticks into the dish.


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