Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 5 If She Doesn’t Want Face, She is Invincible [1], Part 2

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Aunt Zhang had already considered YuanQiu as one of her own people. Seeing this scene, flames of fury rushed upwards. She stared dead at Fourth Aunt Liu, “Liu’s fourth household, do you have money to pay for all the vegetables you picked? The ones you also stepped on are also on your tab. Don’t even think about reneging.”

The Fourth Aunt Liu who was vigorously picking vegetables straightened her back. Her freckled face showed disdain, “Little fatty’s mother, did you eat too well? I’m picking Xia YuanQiu’s vegetables. How is that your business?”

Aunt Zhang coldly sneered. She pulled YuanQiu over, “From now on, YuanQiu’s business is my business. So you say if this is my business?”

Fourth Aunt Liu saw YuanQiu and became uncomfortable. She deliberately walked in front of YuanQiu’s house and saw that there was no one home. Then she came in. She knew YuanQiu’s personality. Even if she picked all her vegetables, she would not go to reason with her. She would eat this loss, just like before.

Fourth Aunt Liu’s freckled face showed an ugly smile. She said to YuanQiu, “I’m just picking some vegetables. Why did you bring little fatty’s mother over? Are you afraid I’ll treat you wrongly?”

YuanQiu ignored Fourth Aunt Liu. She turned to Aunt Zhang and smiled, “Auntie, how much money do you think the vegetables she picked and the ones she stepped on add up to?”

Aunt Zhang and her husband had helped YuanQiu sell her vegetables when they were selling fish in the market. YuanQiu’s vegetables were particularly good-selling. Everyone praised that they were very fresh. The moisture content was high so the dishes made from them were good-tasting. Even if the prices were higher, they still sold quickly. She naturally knew how much the basket of vegetables would cost.

“We’re all neighbors living in the same village. Let’s give her a discount. Let’s charge her one silver,” Aunt Zhang glanced, with eyes full of contempt, at Fourth Aunt Liu’s black face.


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