Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 266 An Old Friend Part 2

YuanQiu slightly smiled and said, “Ding furen, I’m just staying in Zhuo fu temporarily. My surname isn’t Zhuo. My surname is Xia; the Xia as in Xiatian [Summer].”

Ding furen slightly froze. Then she reacted. She had heard a lot about Xia YuanQiu lately. It wasn’t hard to understand why YuanQiu said that. So, Ding furen nodded and smiled. “Then I will take the liberty to call you YuanQiu.”

She secretly looked at YuanQiu a few times. The more she looked, the more YuanQiu seemed familiar. Thos eyes were especially familiar, but Ding furen couldn’t remember when and where she had seen YuanQiu before.

YuanQiu saw her expression and knew she was suspicious. So, she asked, “Did you and Ding Laoye go to Jiangzhou last year?”

Ding furen was startled. “How did you know?”

YuanQiu picked up a teacup on the carved pear wood table. She took a sip and smiled. “Your horse carriage collided with someone that day. Ding daren was unconscious. I was at the scene.”

Ding furen looked at YuanQiu. She thought of what had happened that day and looked at YuanQiu’s bright eyes. Clarity suddenly dawned on her. She asked in surprise, “Are you the little doctor who saved my husband’s life that day?”

YuanQiu nodded with a smile. “It’s me.”

Ding furen quickly stood up. She was so happy that she didn’t know what to do. “You saved Laoye’s life, but you disappeared before we had the chance to thank you. I searched very hard for you!”

She was indeed suspicious of YuanQiu in the beginning. But it was proven that YuanQiu didn’t have any other motives and was sincerely trying to help her. But Ding furen was disrespectful to her benefactor. She had always been feeling guilty and spent a lot of effort to find her, but she was unsuccessful. This had become a thorn in her heart. She didn’t think that she would actually see YuanQiu again in her fu. What were the chances?

No wonder she always thought YuanQiu looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember. So her originally ugly appearance was just a disguise.

Ding furen started to kneel and kowtow, but YuanQiu quickly stopped her. “You’re too polite. I’m a doctor. Treating someone is a doctor’s duty. How can I afford to accept this kowtow? I really don’t deserve it.”


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