Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 266 An Old Friend Part 1

Zhuo Qinlan’s eyes turned red. She was extremely aggrieved. She was a noble daughter of an official household. She was once hailed by the circle of official women as the number one beauty in the capital.

But now, she was a nobody in front of Jing Wang. How could she accept this?

“Why did you use such a horse carriage to pick me up?” YuanQiu wondered as she looked at the small space inside the horse carriage.

Zhu Yan smiled charmingly. His long arm hooked and YuanQiu’s delicate body was in his arms. “Do you understand now?”

YuanQiu’s face turned red. She reached out and punched Zhu Yan’s chest. “Rogue!”

Ding fu

It wasn’t strange for Ding fu to hold an even bigger banquet for one of the daughters’ ceremony for reaching a marriageable age. The Dings’ roots were very deep in the capital. Ding Laoye also held an important post. He was naturally fawned over.

The front yard was mostly filled with male guests such as colleagues, elders, and relatives. There were thirty tables set up. There were twenty tables in the backyard, which were filled with ladies.

With Zhu Yan’s Wangzi status, he was naturally a distinguished guest. Once he entered the fu, he was personally led to the main guest seat in the front hall by Ding Laoye.

YuanQiu, with the identity of Jing Wangfei, was personally led to the main guest table in the main banquet area in the backyard by Ding furen.

Once YuanQiu saw Ding furen, she recognized her as that woman whom she met in Jiangzhou. YuanQiu had disguised herself then, so Ding furen couldn’t recognize her.

“Second Zhou Xiaojie is really beautiful. I can’t help but like you,” Ding furen sincerely praised her.

Ding furen was a mother and had a daughter. If her daughter stood next to Zhuo Qinya, she was afraid that her daughter couldn’t even win against Qinya’s maidservant.


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