Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 265 Lower Themselves Part 2

The two girls were dumbfounded. This horse carriage was similar to the ones used by their fu’s servants. How could they, noble ladies, lower themselves to ride in it?

Moreover, the horse carriage was so small that it couldn’t hold many people.

The horse carriage stopped in front of Zhuo fu and Jing Wang leaned out. Under the bright sun, that jade-like face was peerlessly handsome. That figure that jumped off the horse carriage was so elegant that the two girls’ hearts jumped. They wanted to immediately pounce over into Jing Wang’s arms.

“Paying respects to Jing Wang!”

Everyone kneeled, but Zhu Yan only looked at the brilliantly shining YuanQiu with amazement and joy. He casually waved his hand and said, “Dispense with the formalities!”

Zhu Yan walked over to YuanQiu and smiled. “Benwang’s Wangfei is really different today.”

YuanQiu grinned vividly. “Oh? How am I different?”

 Zhu Yan stroked his chin and looked at YuanQiu from head to toe. He said, “En. You grew a tiny bit taller.”

YuanQiu scoffed. “I think Jing Wang just grew a tiny bit shorter!”

The two were teasing each other when Chang Meifeng received her two daughters’ winks. She understood and quickly said to Jing Wang, “Jing Wang, this official’s wife’s horse carriage is too small and can’t fit so many people. Can Jing Wang give Qinlan a ride?”

Zhu Yan didn’t even look at her. He pulled YuanQiu’s hand and got into the horse carriage. He left a cold sentence behind. “Benwang’s horse carriage isn’t something anyone can just ride in.”

The black horse carriage moved away leisurely. A breeze raised a gust of dust and sand and almost blinded the whole Zhuo family’s eyes.


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