Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 265 Lower Themselves Part 1

YuanQiu raised her eyebrow and looked coldly at Qinlan acting outstandingly. “What do you mean?”

Qinlan turned to look at Chang Meifeng and said softly, “Mother, you know about my ailment. Do you want to watch your daughter suffer?”

Chang Meifeng understood what Qinlan meant. She immediately stared at YuanQiu. “Qinlan can’t ride in a horse carriage with too many people. What if I ask Nanny Liu to send you over in another horse carriage? Although it’s small, you’ll be more comfortable in it alone.”

YuanQiu looked over at Zhuo Zhonghai. He had no expression on his face and acted as if he didn’t hear what Chang Meifeng said, as if it had nothing to do with him even if the sky fell. YuanQiu’s heart grew colder.

YuanQiu waved her hand. “There’s no need. Jing Wang said he wants to go with me. He’ll be here to pick me up soon. You go ahead.”

Qinlan and Qinyue’s eyes brightened when they heard that Jing Wang would be here soon. They refused to get on their horse carriage.

Qinyue looked fawningly at YuanQiu. “Second sister, our horse carriage really is too small. Since third sister can’t ride with too many people, I’ll go with you, okay?”

Qinlan immediately retorted, “Big sister, you’re wrong. It’s because that our horse carriage is too small that I’m uncomfortable sitting in it. That’s why I have trouble breathing. But it’s different if it’s Jing Wang’s large horse carriage. Why don’t you ride in our horse carriage and second sister and I ride in Jing Wang’s horse carriage?”

The two quarreled and refused to give in, but YuanQiu said lighty, “I don’t dare to make any decisions for Jing Wang. You should ask him yourselves. There he is!”

The two girls turned and looked over. They saw a horse carriage slowly travelling over. There was only one horse hooked onto the horse carriage. It was no different from a commoner’s horse carriage and didn’t have any imperial aura at all.


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