Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 264 Being Unfilial is Immoral Part 2

Liuguang Brocade made that snow-white face that had no make up on even more beautiful. If Qinlan was as beautiful and elegant as a fairy descending to the mortal world, then YuanQiu’s appearance made Qinlan look vulgar.

YuanQiu’s dark eyes looked at everyone. She smiled slightly and insincerely. “Are you waiting for me?”

Qinlan saw her like this and couldn’t bear it. She immediately and sharply said, “Second sister is so arrogant. You let our whole family wait for you.”

YuanQiu smiled even deeper and said, “My apologies. I woke up too late. But fortunately, it’s not too late. It’s just right if we rush over now.”

Zhuo Zhonghai saw a volcano about to erupt. His temples faintly throbbed in pain. He quickly said, “Go now. Don’t be late.”

It had to be said that Qinlan was far worse than Qinya whether it was appearance or temperament. As long as a man wasn’t blind, he would know whom he would choose.

Except for the old furen, Zhuo Zhonghai, Chang Meifeng, and the Zhuo children were attending the banquet in Ding fu. There were two large horse carriages prepared. They made up five masters plus their subordinates and servants. There were only these two rather grander and readily available horse carriages in the fu. Zhuo Zhonghai would use one for every day and one for work. The servants would use their own horse carriages. The whole family never travelled together, not to mention there was an extra YuanQiu this time.

Reasonably speaking, Zhuo Zhonghai and Chang Meifeng should take one horse carriage and the children should squeeze into the other horse carriage, while the servants would take other horse carriages. But Qinlan refused to ride in the same horse carriage as YuanQiu.

Qinlan clutched her chest with one hand and said pretentiously, “Perhaps you don’t know, but I have an ailment. If there are too many people in one horse carriage, I’ll feel panicked and have trouble breathing.”


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